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How to Get Government Job in Dubai

Are you looking to get a job in Dubai from any other countries? You may discover helpful guidance everything you need to know in this article, Learn How to Get Government Job in Dubai below as an Indian national or other countries as well.

The job market is starting to recover its pre-pandemic vigor.

Did you know that a significant portion of the workforce in Dubai is made up of immigrants? Both the workforce and the economy are genuinely global. In actuality, 7.8 million of its 9.2 million residents are immigrants. 3.42 million People, or over 30% of the workforce in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are Indian expats.

Given that Dubai provides everything from tax-free income to a secure living environment and competitive salaries, it is simple to understand why Indian nationals migrate to the region and seek employment in Dubai.

The obvious question then is, “Why?” Why do so many Indians desire to leave India for Dubai in search of employment? Fortunately, Grab Jobs has the solution. Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand why working in Dubai is so well-liked, how to get ready to work there from India, how to land a job there, and a list of occupations and talents that are in high demand.

Make sure you have everything you need, plan your move to Dubai, and work as an Indian in the UAE by using this guide to identify the best sites to hunt for UAE employment for you.

How to Get Government Job in Dubai

Why the one look for Working in Dubai? Here are the 9 facts about Dubai!

Before going further into the steps you must undergo in order to obtain employment in Dubai from another country and where to hunt for those positions, let’s look at why working in Dubai is so well-liked:

“Tax-free income” 

The fact that your income is tax-free must be included in any list of advantages to working and living in Dubai. Since it is against the law to withhold taxes from your income in Dubai, all of your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account. Additionally, there is no stamp duty, rental income is taxable-free, and neither capital gains tax nor inheritance tax is due. In the end, this is a compelling reason for an Indian to work in Dubai and save a sizable sum of money.  

“Good Salaries” 

Employers give competitive pay and advantages like health insurance, lengthier annual vacations, once-a-year airline tickets to their home country, housing allowances, and much more because they realize that it must be worthwhile for workers to relocate to the United Arab Emirates. They increasingly place a focus on ensuring that their workers have a better work-life balance and provide additional advantages like flexible working hours and education allowances. All of this is done in an effort to both recruit and keep the greatest talent.

“Global exposure”

Since foreigners make up the majority of the workforce in Dubai, employees have access to international trade in all economic sectors, including real estate, finance, oil and gas, hospitality, and others. This not only exposes expats to the professional environment but also to a variety of cultural and professional influences like diverse cuisines, traditions, leisure, and entertainment.        

“Plenty opportunities”

Although Dubai’s economy is young, it is a strong economy with a well-established employment sector that relies heavily on foreign workers. Because of this, there is a high demand for workers and professionals with specialized skill sets and knowledge, and the government is constantly working to draw in more foreign investors, which in turn raises the need for skilled workers even higher.

“Excellent quality of living” 

In the Middle East and Africa, Dubai has some of the highest standards of living. Restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment options, and visitors from all over the world flock to Dubai for each shopping festival, spoiling the locals.

“Safety and security” 

No matter what time of day you go outside, you may freely wander the streets of Dubai without worrying about being attacked or robbed. The police force in Dubai is incredibly effective and quick, and the crime rate is almost nonexistent. Additionally, this indicates that firms prosper and that Dubai offers a secure environment for foreign investment. In fact, the United Arab Emirates has surpassed Switzerland and Japan to take third place in the world’s safety rankings.

“World class infrastructure” 

In a little more than 20 years, Dubai has gone from being a desert to a vibrant city. Actually, it is home to the tallest building in the world, the second-largest mall in the world, and has the third-highest density of skyscrapers in the world, only after New York and Hong Kong. Additionally, it boasts a network of ports, railroads, highways, and construction projects that is constantly expanding, giving inhabitants access to top-notch infrastructure.     

“Ease to start a new business” 

New markets and new consumers are continually emerging as a result of its growth and the rise of Internet technology. Due to this, Dubai is a place where opportunities are abundant. In fact, according to a recent assessment, Dubai is the second-best city in the world for expats wishing to launch a business, behind Singapore. The entrepreneurial climate, career opportunities, and higher incomes in Dubai were cited in this poll as the key drivers behind foreigners’ relocation.     

“Global language English is widely spoken” 

In contrast to other Middle Eastern cities, the majority of those who work and reside in Dubai speak and understand English. This implies that there is no language barrier that could hinder expats and therefore doing business with the locals is simpler for expats.

How to Get Government Job in Dubai

What Should I Prepare for How to Get Government Job in Dubai?

For instance, if you’re an Indian and want to work in Dubai, you’ll require a work visa. Fortunately, obtaining a work visa is rather simple if you were employed by a Dubai-based company. It is simpler to move to Dubai once you’ve secured a job, but it is also possible to arrive on a tourist visa and transfer your visa once you’ve secured a position.

To receive a health card, you must make sure that you give your medical records, copies of your passport, a photo, a letter confirming your employment, and the results of a blood test to the Department of Health and Medical Services. This is due to the requirement that you be disease-free if you intend to live and work in Dubai as an Indian. You must send your passport photo, job contract, and employer’s labor license to the ministry of labor if you want a labor card as well.

Candidate the one who required a residence VISA that will applying through Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs first.

You’ll need to conduct some study on the job market to see what positions are in demand and where Indians are most likely to find employment and work in the UAE.

Consider looking at some of the significant businesses in Dubai. They are well-known and great companies to work for. Estee Lauder, Hilti Emirates, and Hilton Worldwide are a few of these.

You’ll need to organize your resume before all else. Your resume will serve as the key to obtaining your ideal position, so make sure it is in top shape. Dubai’s job market is incredibly competitive. Working on your interviewing abilities is also beneficial in this situation since, whereas your CV opens the door, the interview closes the deal on your ability to work as an Indian in Dubai.

1. Process the  VISA:

You will require a work visa if you intend to work in Dubai. The good news is that they’re rather simple to acquire if you work for a Dubai-based business. It’s easier to move to Dubai after receiving a job offer because a work visa is needed. Having said that, it is feasible to travel to the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa to conduct a job search and then change your visa status after landing a job.

Most travelers to Dubai don’t need to get a visa in advance; you’ll get one when you arrive. For Mexican passport holders, there are also the 90-day and 30-day alternatives available in addition to the 180-day visit eligibility.

List of nationals exempt from visa requirements for 90 days, following their arrival, job seekers from the following nations are permitted to stay in the UAE for 90 days before departing or requesting a work visa:



Bahamas Islands,







Costa Rica,

Croatia  Cyprus,

Czech Republic  Denmark,

El Salvador,


























Russian Federation,

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,

San Marino,





Solomon Islands,

South Korea,





Citizens from the following countries are likewise exempt from obtaining visas in advance, although visas obtained at the airport will only be valid for 30 days.

Andorra,              Australia,             Brunei,

Canada,                Hong Kong, China,

Japan,   Kazakhstan,        Macau,

Malaysia,             Mauritius,           Monaco,

New Zealand,    Republic of Ireland,         San Marino,

Singapore,          Ukraine,               United Kingdom and Northern Ireland,

United States of America,            Vatican City,      

While these tourist visas are a convenient method to enter the nation to conduct your job hunt, it’s essential that you either obtain a work visa, assuming you do, or depart the country when your visa expires. After a visa expires, there is a 10-day grace period; but, if you are found working while in the country on a tourist visa, you risk being arrested, fined, and deported.

The good news is that the visa application procedure is mostly out of our control once you find work. They’ll handle the full sponsorship and visa process for you, save for the need to give them a few documents, such as your passport number. The bad news is that your work isn’t completely finished.

2. Medical certificate and work permit

You must submit your medical records, passport copies, photo, employment offer letter, and visa application to the Department of Health and Medical Services while your work visa is being processed.

In order to rule out conditions like HIV and tuberculosis, a blood test would also be required. The UAE now forbids foreigners who are carriers of such diseases from settling in the emirates. You will receive a health card once you have passed every test; this is necessary for international workers in Dubai.

You must also apply for a work permit, which entails giving the Ministry of Human Resources copies of your job contract, entry visa, medical records, and labor license for your employer.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is responsible for issuing residency visas. You can submit an application for it online or in person at the AMER Center. In addition to filling out a form, you must present your passport, medical records, a health certificate, the original of your entry permit, two passport photos, a copy of your work permit, and the receipt from the processing of your work permit.

That’s all, then! You’re ready to work legally in Dubai after you have your work visa, medical certificate, work permit, and resident visa in hand.

3. Keep updated your CV

Your CV is the most crucial tool you can use in your job hunt. Due to the intense competition in the Dubai job market, recruiters often just give your resume six seconds of their time. Avoiding common CV mistakes like utilizing buzzwords is crucial. For those that need a bit more assistance, Monster is a fantastic resource for CV ideas and advice.

4. Check out these online website

Start by looking at various online job sites and the roles they have available to get a better idea of which businesses are recruiting in Dubai.

Good web sites for searching online jobs and internships:, Khaleej Times Jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, Gulftalent, Glassdoor,, UAE Ministry of Education

Hope we are have given info about How to Get Government Job in Dubai

How to Get Government Job in Dubai

Ways to apply Jobs in Dubai or UAE?

So you need to aware of these steps you to get ready for a job from India in Dubai. Naturally, the following issue is where to look for the best Dubai jobs for Indians and submit an application from India. Among the places you might look are:

“Online job platforms”

Online employment platforms or portals are frequently the first place you visit while looking for work in Dubai if you’re from India. Grab Jobs is definitely your best option in this situation. Over 10,000 businesses are currently hiring globally on the site. This indicates that there are many of options available and that it will be simple to locate the position you’re looking for. You can also download and sign up for the Grab Jobs app, which allows you to apply for jobs without a resume, conduct a chat-bot interview, and receive immediate feedback from companies that check your profile.

“Recruitment agencies”

Utilizing a recruitment agency would be your following selection. Because they do the search on your behalf and enable you to work in Dubai as an Indian, these firms significantly reduce the stress of job searching. One of the greatest ways to find employment in Dubai from India is through recruiting firms, which are frequently used by Dubai businesses to fill open positions. Jivaro Partners, ESP International, Robert Murray, and BAC Middle East are a few of the well-known firms.

“Walk-in interviews”

You may, as we’ve already indicated, travel to Dubai on a tourist visa and hunt for work while you’re there. Here, you’ll schedule in-person appointments or interviews by going directly to the employers. This approach has the drawback of being rather hazardous because you never know if you’ll end up getting a job, which would necessitate your return to India after your tourist visa expires, costing you additional money.

“Local network” 

The last thing you can do is network. Do not forget that oftentimes, it is not what you know but who you know. You might even land your dream job through someone you know because Dubai is recognized for hiring internally and among individuals who have been recommended by other employees. If travelling to Dubai for networking events is not an option for you, you can still network online using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn or by joining one of the many online forums where you can meet the right people.

But bear in mind that there are certain additional concerns to be mindful of when conducting business in Dubai. Although this has less to do with finding a job than it does with understanding your rights when working in the United Arab Emirates, you should nonetheless become familiar with them. As a result, your rights are safeguarded and you are shielded from predatory employers. This involves taking steps like complaining about your employer or using the e-migrate system to look for the best employers. Ultimately, it could be beneficial to educate yourself on how to protect your rights while working in Dubai.

Finally, we want to wish you well as you relocate to the UAE and look for Indian jobs there. By carefully selecting the elements to take into account and doing your research, you will be able to benefit from everything Dubai has to offer. If you have any inquiries about working in Dubai or are looking for a career there, feel free to browse our website or contact us.

Be aware: If you choose to work through an agency, search for businesses that charge commission to the employer rather than to the employee. Be cautious of recruiters who demand exorbitant payments from job seekers because they frequently operate as scammers. we are not responsible for How to Get Government Job in Dubai

Disclaimer for How to Get Government Job in Dubai

This article is only offered for general informational reasons and is not meant to cover all facts of the subjects it addresses. It is not meant to be taken as advice you should rely on it. Before acting or refraining from acting based on the information in this publication, you must seek out expert or professional advice. Transfer Wise Limited or its affiliates do not provide any legal, tax, or other professional advice in this publication. A comparable outcome is not always assured by past performance. We give no assurances that the information in the publication is accurate, full, or up to date, either explicitly or implicitly.

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Is it possible to get government job in Dubai?

For eligible candidates, Dubai’s government offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. Job searchers may broaden their search to include government organizations like Dubai Customs, Dubai Women Establishment, and Dubai Culture. For foreigners living in the United Arab Emirates, there are numerous government positions available in Dubai (UAE).

Can I work in UAE government?

UAE is one of the nations that permits foreign nationals to work in government-related fields. Both the state and federal governments hire foreign nationals to work in their bureaucratic offices and deliver public services.

Get Government Job in Dubai

Yes possible,

Are you looking to get a job in Dubai from any other countries? You may discover helpful guidance everything you need to know in this article, Learn How to Get Government Job in Dubai

Can a fresher get a job in Dubai?

When you visit Dubai, you can start networking and conducting your job hunt, and it’s a great chance to find jobs in Dubai for new graduates. However, you must be aware that you cannot begin working while on a visit visa; you need a working visa.